Topic Selection


Most of the scholars is facing an extremely hectic and frustrating when selecting the best and unique research topic for their dissertation that has Well-Researched and has a very clear research goal. Undoubtedly, topic selection need of an extensive literature search by referencing many peer reviewed and online sources because it is important as the experience gained at this stage would provide enormous benefits (e.g., obtaining a job, work experience, gain analytical skills, and improve research skills).

Our technical experts offer assistant to identify right topic based on their research experience, your domain interest and your supervisor thoughts. After a detailed analysis based on current gap & need, our technical advisors recommend hot topics in your research area that is well-grounded in the scholarly literature, manageable with given time frame, resources, availability of data sources, within your range of competence. Significant in practical or theoretical terms? Original & not been done before & ensure that the topic takes you where you want to go.

Literature Review


Tutors India offers a literature review search that identify the critical issues in the literature, how arguments have developed within the area, discuss how authors works complement one another, as well as disagree. Our experts have rich experience in specific domain experience, aware of theories of learning and educational degrees from most of the universities. Thesis Adda specialist demonstrates the succinct writing, critical analysis, and justification for the choice that include theoretical & conceptual concepts, identification of independent & dependent variables, and conclusion of similar studies studied.

Problem Identification

After you have identified a research problem for your project, the next step is to write a problem statement. In research, writing a problem statement can help you contextualize and understand the significance of your research problem. A problem statement can be several paragraphs long and serve as the basis for your research proposal, or it can be condensed into just a few sentences in the introduction of your paper or thesis.

Thesis Adda helps you to identify the problem statement of your research work based on practical real-world problem or on theoretical scientific issue. Our specific domain specialist offer assistance in contextualize the problem, significance/importance of the research, setting your aim and objectives.

Synopsis Preparation


The writing of research proposal or synopsis is the most demanding & challenging task of thesis. At Thesis Adda, we offer research proposal writing service, where you can relax and take assistance of our experienced researchers to make professional research proposal to impress your supervisor or according to the university guidelines.

Our writers have rice experience in research methodology, industry, and academia from various top-ranked universities of India & Foreign Countries. We follow the specific university guidelines for proposal writing. Generally, the proposal structure consists of: Thesis Proposal Title, Topic Introduction, Background/Literature, Problem Identifications, Proposed Objectives which serve the demand of the society, Detailed Research Methodology, Potential Outcomes, Significance of the Research, Summary & Conclusion, Timeline, References.

At Thesis Adda, we also facilitate you with providing executive summary /abstract, free articles (act as log or diary or preliminary work) that have been used for writing the research proposal to accompany your proposal.

Data Analysis


Collecting statistical data, interpreting and tabulating is also an important part of statistics where the students would require proper statistics help. We have expert statisticians who can handle both qualitative or textual and quantitative or statistical analysis and improve the quality of data with the design of experiments & survey sampling and helps you to understand statistics more easily.

The data analysis or thesis statistical report provided by Thesis Adda demonstrates the ability to communicate complex ideas critically, concisely, comprehensive (Covers everything), clear and logical.

Thesis Writing


Complete Thesis / Dissertation writing services at Thesis Adda are handled and written by the style, design, and format of an ideal dissertation required by the Indian and Foreign universities. We assist you to write your full thesis in a specific structure starting from; Title Page, Content Page, Table/Figure Lists, Abstract, Acknowledgement, Introduction, Literature Review to the Research work, Results, Statistical Analysis, Discussions, Conclusion, and References etc.

Our writers are proficient in handling dissertation and follows the academic style with a clearly structured approach to the validation and justification of facts, opinions, theories to form a precise argument. The utmost care is given to formatting of thesis such as; word count, paper margin, line spacing, page numbering, text style, font size, text alignment, front cover design, acknowledgement pattern, chapter & section headings, writing style, plagiarism, references format, confidentiality, and assessment report.

Plagiarism Checking


Plagiarism refers to the act of “appropriation of another person’s language, ideas, or words without acknowledging its sources”. Plagiarism is considered as a greater violation of academic integrity in Universities. If you have written your thesis/paper and looking for rephrasing it or your thesis is just copy-paste and you want us to make it plagiarism free then Don’t Worry you are at right place. We are always here to help you to correct your thesis just not for plagiarism but along with technical editing.At Thesis Adda, we completely acknowledge the seriousness of plagiarism. We extend our plagiarism correction services to research scholars who do not have a good command on English and are struggling in removing plagiarism or rewriting their research work.  We re-read, summarize, digest, re-write, paraphrase and explain your research work using our own words to ensure that your writing does not have any text plagiarism. The plagiarism is generally checked by advanced software’s such as; Turnitin or Urkund (recommended by UGC). We do this with much effort and avoid over-reliance of single source (Not more than 1%). We do much more than this for our client to ensure better grade and prevent from misconduct.