Research Area Selection

A good manuscript writing not only requires a high quality research but also should be self-explanatory by its title. The research topic must be chosen carefully, while considering the time required to write the paper, the total length of the paper, and the limits of the resources because writing the paper become more easy if the topic is selected on basis of interest, and need of the society.

We at Thesis Adda, have team of manuscript writing experienced professionals who are holding Ph.D. degree from the prestigious universities of India and Foreign countries, who can help you in writing your research paper. After a detailed analysis based on your idea, proposal, current gap and need of the society, our technical advisors recommend hot topics in your research area that is well-grounded in the scholarly literature, manageable with given time frame & limited resources, availability of data sources and within your range of competence.

Literature Review


Before writing a manuscript in detail it is very important to have a deep research on similar studies that how arguments have developed within the research area, discuss how researchers agreed/ disagreed with each other. Detailed research of similar studies helps you to identify the significance and importance of your research. Moreover, it also helps you to state your objectives according to the demand of the industry.   

Thesis Adda, offers literature review writing service with minimum of 25-30 latest research papers relevant with your research domain and paper title. Since references are required for citing, we draft literature review such that all the references are reviewed and cited with accuracy.

State the Objectives


Clear aims and objectives are the strongest part of the research paper as foundations in building a house. Most of the scholars fail to clearly articulate their aims and objectives because they aren’t sure themselves what they actually are due to which your research paper face rejections. If you are feeling the same and got stuck in writing objectives of your research, then let us take this pressure and help you.

Thesis Adda helps you to identify the proposal objectives based on practical real-world problem or on theoretical scientific issue. Our specific domain specialist offer assistance in contextualize the problem, significance/importance of the research, setting your aim and objectives.

Research Paper Writing


Research Paper Writing is the significant task for the scholars to sustain their scholastic background. Researchers work hard to write innovative and informative research papers, but putting the results appropriately in words becomes challenging. In order to assist researchers in such a situation, we have on board with us an ensemble team of online research paper writers.

Our team at Thesis Adda, includes writers that are all professionals who are providing end to end solutions for research paper writing, reviewing paper and thesis writing in India from a very long time. With their experience and innovative research inclination, they help young researchers through the complete process of research paper writing as per the International standard specifications.

Results Achievement


Presenting the research results in effective manner is the most time consuming part of the research paper. Relax and let us worry for you.

Thesis Adda, offer its statistical analysis service, where you can relax and take assistance of our experienced researchers to present your results in an effective manner to impress your supervisor or according to the national and international standards. Our writers have rice experience in research methodology, industry, and academia who takes less time to analyze the study results which help them to finish the paper with in a short time period. Additionally, a professional writer can very well represent the research content avoiding lapses in logic, highlighting important information and ensuring perfect, error-free and a standard language.

Journal Assistance


Thesis Adda extend its journal assistance services on basis on your research domain and less turnaround time, and fast acceptance rate. With our technical expert’s knowledge and references, you can learn about the most effective research methodologies, writing patterns, popular research inclinations, upcoming relevant journals and conferences and much more. Therefore, we function not only as your online research paper writer but as your guides throughout the process of publishing paper.

Moreover, we also offer our plagiarism correction services to research scholars who do not have a good command on English and are struggling in removing plagiarism or rewriting their research work.  We re-read, summarize, digest, re-write, paraphrase and explain your research work using our own words to ensure that your writing does not have any text plagiarism.

Paper Publication


Thesis Adda, prepare the journal manuscript as per your target journal publication and style of format required. Our journal paper writing service includes a captivating abstract, formal introduction, appropriate research methodology, accurate data analysis and concise conclusions, your manuscript written by our editors will be worth publishing in reputed journals.

To make your research paper more analytical and comprehensive, we also use a range of online and offline tools. We also assist in publishing the same content in Scopus journal and in other International repute journals or any journal articles of your choice. Thesis Adda proud to say that we are the established market leaders in the best quality Journal paper writing services.