Struggling with your Thesis?


Most of the scholars is facing an extremely hectic and frustrating when selecting the best and unique research topic for their dissertation that has Well-Researched and has a very clear research goal. Undoubtedly, topic selection need of an extensive literature search by referencing many peer reviewed and online sources because it is important as the experience gained at this stage would provide enormous benefits (e.g., obtaining a job, work experience, gain analytical skills, and improve research skills).

Our technical experts offer assistant to identify right topic based on their research experience, your domain interest and your supervisor thoughts. After a detailed analysis based on current gap & need, our technical advisors recommend hot topics in your research area that is well-grounded in the scholarly literature, manageable with given time frame, resources, availability of data sources, within your range of competence. Significant in practical or theoretical terms? Original & not been done before & ensure that the topic takes you where you want to go.

Our Services

Thesis Writing

Beginning from topic selection to the final drafting & presentation, our professional writers assists you with everything.

Plagiarism Checking

Our experts at Thesis Adda is well informed on the technique of removing plagiarism from your dissertation to give it a professional feel.

Paper Writing

let you about the complete process of research writing and create your research papers meets the publication standard

Journal Assistance

This helps you to gain confidence in your subject and move ahead is your career with potential growth options

Paper Publication

Thesis Adda also helps in the complete process of paper publication, preparing reviewer comments reply, and much more.


We ensure to refine your research paper to get it accepted in SCI, SCIE, ESCI, Scopus Indexed, UGC Journals.


We provides you with the best thesis editing and article rewriting services in making your content consistent with error free.


Our experienced writers assist you to create a new concept and implement an innovative idea for all the engineering projects.

Data Analysis

We assist you to convert your data from any form to a meaningful way through our data analysis & interpretation services.

Our Salient Features

100% Confidential

All correspondence by the company is undertaken under strict privacy, guaranteeing you that no part of it will ever be divulged to a third party.

100% Intellectually Yours

If you work with us, you will remain in absolute control and possession of every aspect of the intellectual property rights of your PhD materials.

100% Tailored

Our services related to your research shall be 100% tailored for you only. The same will never be resold or re-distributed to any other party.

Unlimited Revisions

We offer unlimited revisions to the work being committed. Unlike other competitors, we do not charge for the revision.

100% Originality Guarantee

Every fact and figure that is used in the thesis must be accurate. The writers ensure that only original ideas of the scholars are presented in the thesis.

On-time delivery

Since writing thesis and research are lengthy process but our experts maintain speed as well as accuracy in a planned manner to finish them timely.

100% Plagiarism free

We ensure to check plagiarism through TURINTIN software and provide you 95-100% plagiarism free document. We also give appropriate citations for the text used.

100% Satisfaction

We assign expert specific to the subject and Strive for the 100% Customer Satisfaction.



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